Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sector Investing Advisories, Continued

I just realized my previous post was incomplete regarding the Pitbull Sector Timing. I forgot there are actually two different offerings related to that system, requiring two different links.

First there is a trading instruction manual for a one-time price, detailing how the system works. You can then derive your own signals nightly.

Second, you can get the actual signals provided by the Pitbull people. This service also includes their nightly market commentary, along with the Pitbull Crash Index which is intended to warn if the market is headed for a serious downturn soon.

If you get the manual, it also includes six weeks of the signals and commentary, so you can see what it's like.

In the past, they stated that the continuing service, which provides the signals for you, utilized an "extra" proprietary trading decision that was not disclosed in the manual, which gave better results overall. I don't know whether that's still the case, but presumably it is. Personally, I use the service.

I also should have mentioned that even though signals could occur on any night, the system actually trades very infrequently. Generally it stays in one sector fund for several months. Once they didn't have any switches for nearly two years. So this is a very "relaxed" system and not for the person whose trading finger itches all the time.

Lastly, they have a six-month satisfaction guarantee.


Edited 6/23/2009: The Pitbull Sector Timing has been replaced by their ETF Timing. I have changed the links above to display the ETF information.

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