Sunday, August 13, 2006

Free Online Backup - Completely Private (Encrypted)

Why backup online? Can you say "Hurricane Katrina?" (Or fill in your own natural disaster. And don't forget fire, theft, terrorism, etc.) One rule of computer backup is to keep your backups somewhere else.

There are a number of online backup services springing up, but Mozy Backup is the only one I've seen that (1) gives you a really substantial free allocation, and (2) lets you encyrpt your backup data.

Point #1 is very nice -- you can back up 2 GB worth of data 100% free. And if you join by clicking any link in this blog entry (like here), you'll get 2.25 GB instead of just 2 GB. Don't backup your entire system disk -- just your important data. It's pretty easy to pick and choose which folders to back up. After the first "big bang" backup, it just transmits the changes, which goes pretty quickly.

Point #2 can be important for privacy. If you choose the option of supplying your own encryption key (i.e., password), then no one can get it -- not even with a government subpoena. And they use a really, really strong encryption code that realistically, no one is going to crack in your lifetime.

And yes, they have a paid service, which lets you back up 30 GB for $4.95 a month. Some people need it, some don't.

Oh, and every time you refer someone else who starts using the service, you and they both get 256 MB more space. So maybe you can get all the space you need, free.

Here's the link again :


At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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