Saturday, April 01, 2006

Don’t miss old income tax refunds

It's income tax time again. If you didn’t file a tax return for prior years, and you’re worried about being in trouble, consider this: Most people don’t have to pay extra; instead they get refunds (because they had more than enough tax withheld by their employer). The penalty for late filing is merely a percentage of the tax not already paid. If you don’t owe anything more, guess what? No penalty.

In fact, you’d better hurry up and file, to get your money. If you wait more than 3 years, it’s gone forever. So you just have from now till April 15 to file your back returns for 2002, or else you can kiss that refund goodbye.

More information is on the IRS site at,,id=108327,00.html

While you're at it, get those old returns filed for 2003, and 2004 -- and of course the current return for 2005.


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