Friday, March 17, 2006

Better Bargains on eBay

Everybody, it seems, is buying and selling on eBay. Here's a little-known technique to get some big bargains.

Sometimes sellers misspell the name of an item. When buyers search, of course this item doesn't show up in the list. So practically nobody knows about it, and it can be grabbed for a cheap price by those who do see it. Some people make a business of buying these items, and immediately reselling them for a profit.

So how do you find these boo-boos? Here's a free service where you can type in a search term, and it generates all sorts of misspellings -- and searches eBay for those terms. The rest is up to you. After the initial search, if you get too many hits, you can edit the list of misspellings to fine-tune the results and search again.

Oh, it also has lots of helpful eBay articles -- be a better buyer, or a better seller. Get it all here:

eBay misspellings


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